In a strictly regulated market such as the drugs market, the responsibilities of the production or marketing company are many and limit, in fact, the possibility of the complete outsourcing of some of the production stages (usually related to marketing and logistics).

This does not happen with Falorni, who thanks to its long experience and work focus, is equipped with the necessary licences required so that it can be of maximum support to its clients.

At Falorni, you will find a qualified QP – Qualified Person who will be able to handle documentary batch release in compliance with current legislation.

This is an extra service that can be offered to your clientele, one of the services that authorises a partner who is able to handle the entire operational phase for you ranging from importation of the drugs to secondary packaging and up to the final shipment stage.

documentary batch release service

Logistic Support and Qualified Person for product release


Repackaging, Assembly

Batch release

Documentary Batch Release

Secondary Packaging


Visual Inspection

Physical Importation Site