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Falorni is a pharmaceutical workshop specialised in secondary packaging of drugs and in supporting production and marketing companies.

Falorni is a pharmaceutical workshop specialised in secondary packaging of drugs and in supporting production and marketing companies. It aims to make the drug accessible to the end user, taking charge of it from primary packaging and then through all steps of inspection, secondary and tertiary packaging, serialisation and possible Batch Release as expected by the customer, making the drug potentially already available to the sale point. It provides logistic support (importation site, storage and distribution), packaging and repackaging, medical device assembly kits, visual inspection and other pharmaceutical-related services. Among its clients are some of the most important pharmaceutical companies in the world.

Its strength lies within its future-oriented vision

Ongoing Investment

With ongoing investment in increasingly efficient production lines, larger areas, and more complete and customised services for its clients, such as the new over-9000mq plant.

Development of strategic partnerships

With the development of strategic partnerships, Falorni is delighted to have established a solid collaboration with Antares Vision, for the realization of its serialisation and aggregation lines as well as the introduction, at Falorni, of Level 4, capable of managing communications with its customers in compliance with the regulations of the individual countries involved.

Important training project

With important training projects, launched in partnership with the University of Bologna and Bologna Business School, to help impart a Business & Management specific know-how for the Pharma & Healthcare sector.


Situated in a strategically central location and just a few minutes from the motorway junction, at its current site in Serravalle Pistoiese Falorni is now able to support packaging activities with new areas.

Currently, Falorni can accommodate over 1350 temperature-controlled pallet storage spaces by means of remote monitoring systems, in addition to over 50 pallet storage spaces at 2-8 ° C.

Do you want to know what is the future according to Falorni?

Why relying on Falorni's services

  • Almost 20 years of secondary packaging experience.
  • Has requested and obtained licences to carry out pharmaceutical import activities from extra-EU countries on behalf of third parties.
  • Strategic location.
  • Large warehouse and logistics network.
  • Guarantee of all legal requirements such as quality certifications and specific licences.

Why relying on Falorni for secondary packaging?

Packed items per year
Items handled with cold chain
Packed lots
Of serialisation and aggregation