Falorni was launched in the 50s in Florence as a pharmaceutical workshop for the production and marketing of innovative drugs, mostly for its own brand.

In the 90s, it was acquired by the multinational company Procter & Gamble, who then sold it to the current company in 2001.

On this occasion Falorni finds its new calling in the supplying of auxiliary services for pharmaceutical production.

This new chapter in its story is still to be written and it continues to evolve, year after year, with new investments, services, and specialisations that make it a valuable partner for pharmaceutical companies around the world.

Demetrio Pisani

CEO & Owner

Marco Consten

QA & Business Development Manager

Chiara Ghilardi

Quality Control Manager

Alessandra Groccia

Logistic Office

Barbara Bianculli

QA Documentation

Rita Boscherini

Accounting Manager

Eleonora Salvadori

Qualified Person & Quality Manager

Nunzia Cavallaro

Operation Manager

Production is often faster than marketing ideas. Falorni can help you repackage your products so you can open up your business to new markets.


Repackaging, Assembly

Batch release

Batch Release

Secondary packaging


Visual Inspection

Physical Importation Site