The client company can also rely on Falorni’s services for imports, taking advantage of its strategic location, large warehouse, logistics network, and the absolute guarantee of all legal requirements – from quality certifications to specific licences.

Falorni’s flexibility and the range of services offered make it possible to analyse and realise complex customised projects, including several customised production stages (e.g. importation, new licences, and design of new packaging lines) to offer the client maximum support in delivering their drug to the buyer.

Do you want to import drugs from non-EU countries?

In order to provide client companies with an ever more complete service in logistics as well, Falorni has requested and obtained the necessary licences to import drugs from non-EU countries on behalf of third parties.

Production is often faster than marketing ideas. Falorni can help you repackage your products so you can open up your business to new markets.


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