Entrusting these operations to Falorni means, for a company that produces and markets drugs, being able to manage every demand, even on a temporary basis, with the same safety guarantees and full legislation compliance that may be required.

Falorni already packages serialised Medical Devices in compliance with the new MDR Medical Device Regulation.

Many medical device kits require specific assembly, as well as the installation and replenishment of display units.

All of these operations are only possible thanks to flexible organisation and proper working spaces, particularly for the necessity of strictly monitoring each step.

This is why Falorni is the ideal partner: readily available working spaces, the ability to organise production lines tailored to clients’ needs, and the presence of specialised staff which allow Falorni to face any organisational challenge in the best possible way.

Not just traditional packaging. The needs of the market and the legislation of the different countries often lead to the need for repackaging such as

Blister labeling

Replacement of package leaflets and packs

Label-removal and relabelling of bottles

Labelling over previously printed data

Production is often faster than marketing ideas. Falorni can help you repackage your products so you can open up your business to new markets.


Repackaging, Assembly

Batch release

Batch Record Release

Secondary packaging


Visual Inspection

Physical Importation Site