Measures to increase safety in the supply chain of medicinal products, as indicated in the 2011/62/EU directive, have become mandatory in almost all European countries.

Usually these are referred to as serialisation requirements. There is nothing new in absolute terms because, with only a few exceptions, these same rules exist in the United States, Turkey, China, Brazil etc.

The drug industry is in turmoil, also due to the high cost of converting packaging lines.

Falorni though, strengthened by its experience with international markets, has developed a partnership with Antares Vision, a global leader in the provision of integrated serialisation systems, and is therefore already able to offer services in line with the new FMD anti-counterfeiting legislation.

Falorni has already invested in increasing the number of lines for serialised packaging, so that none of its clients (present or future) will be left behind. In line with Falorni’s ability to anticipate ever-evolving pharmaceutical market demands, all serialisation lines are and will be equipped with aggregation systems for pallet management.

Are you ready to comply with international standards? Send us your products, we will serialise them for you.

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By 2020, all pharmaceutical products imported and marketed in Russia will have to comply with the regulation. Russian Federal Law N. 425-FZ requires serialisation for all medicinal products, including over the counter drugs, and it also outlines special requirements for aggregation and requirements for separated batches serialisation.

Thanks to the support of the R&D department of our partner Antares Vision, the initial Cryptocode printing-tests have already taken place, to satisfy the requirements of complex data management necessary to comply with Russian standards.

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Choosing Falorni means choosing security for the present but also for the future of your business. Knowledge of Pharma & Healthcare market dynamics and its outlook for the future ensures that no challenge will catch it off guard, meanwhile assuring maximum security for its clients.

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