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falorni secondary packaging

Falorni is a pharmaceutical workshop specialised in the secondary packaging of drugs.

Its aim is to make the drug accessible to the end user, already assuming responsibility of the primary packaging, and then proceeding with all stages of inspection, secondary and tertiary packaging, serialisation and any Batch Release expected by the customer, in theory, making the drug already available to the point of sale.


Falorni was launched in the 1950s in Florence as a pharmaceutical workshop for the production and marketing of innovative medicines.

This new chapter in its story is still to be written and it continues to evolve year after year with new investments, services, and specialisations that make it a valuable partner for pharmaceutical companies around the world.

history Falorni pharma

Choosing Falorni means optimising production processes.

Secondary Packaging

Secondary packaging activities are carried out on both fully automated lines and semi-automatic and manual lines that are capable of handling small and large batch sizes.

Visual Inspection

Falorni is a valuable partner in solving the many organisational and budget allocation problems that accompany the packaging and storage stages.

Repackaging, Assembly

For companies that produce or market drugs, entrusting these operations to Falorni means being able to cope with every demand, even if it is on a temporary basis

Physical Importation Site

Falorni has requested and obtained the necessary licences to import drugs from  countries outside the European Union, on behalf of third parties.

Documentary batch release

At Falorni, you will find a qualified QP – Qualified Person who will be able to handle documentary batch release in compliance with current legislation.


The partnership with Antares Vision allows Falorni to able to offer services in line with the new FMD anti-counterfeiting legislation, starting in 2019.

Falorni is a dynamic business reality committed in the present to designing its own future and contributing to the development of the industry in which it operates.


Serialisation is already a reality for us, but we are working with our partner Antares Vision to increase dedicated lines in view of increasing clientele requests.

New Plant

Expansion of production and warehouse areas, already in the current plant in anticipation of the inauguration of the new hub in Sesto Fiorentino (FI) in 2019.

Pharma Business School

A joint venture with the University of Bologna and the Bologna Business School aimed to create Executive Masters programmes/courses for Pharma & Healthcare.

Our Certifications

Our certifications add assurance that all products are manufactured under the same approved conditions and processes, therefore guaranteeing their quality and safety.


The challenges ahead are already a reality

Falorni is able to develop your projects by giving you support at the outset, through regulatory consultations (with trusted and internationally recognised partners), by designing and supplying all packaging materials, graphic design, design and implementation of packaging lines, fully dedicated warehouse and production spaces, obtaining the required certifications and licences.