Secondary Packaging

Choosing Falorni Pharma as a partner for secondary packaging means optimizing production processes through the use of innovative technologies and systems. 

Reliability and experience are a priority, but so are compliance with all current European and international regulations.

Our fully-customized secondary packaging lines for drugs (the company core business for the last twenty years) have been constantly upgraded, acquiring new authorizations and permits, which in turn allow us to respond more efficiently and effectively to the needs of our clients.

Falorni’s secondary packaging operations rely both on highly automated lines, which ensure high volumes, and semi-automatic and manual lines – highly adaptable and therefore ideal to meet our client’s needs.

Falorni is authorized to package all pharmaceutical formats: non-sterile (solid and semi-solid medicated patches), sterile injectable (solid or liquid) and sterile ophthalmic (creams and liquids).

Thanks to continuous collaborations with prestigious partners, Falorni Pharma designs and provides fully-dedicated production lines and departments, including co-investment formulas aimed at consolidating the partnerships.

With double shifts, the machines in our production lines allow us to reach a yearly production capacity of over 50 million packages:

  • 1 Automatic liquid line for 50,100,125 ml formats – labeling, packaging, IPZS stamps, cartoning, serialization and aggregation. Core System- MA-80 Cartoning Machine.
  • 1 Automatic liquid line for 25,50,100, 250 ml formats – labeling, packaging and cartoning. Core System- BA-50 Packager.
  • 1 Multipurpose automatic line: liquids for 25, 50,100, 250 ml formats, PET vials with Overwrap and big boxes: labeling, packaging, IPZS stamps, serialization, application of anti-tampering labels and aggregation labels. Core System- BA-50 Packager.
  • 1 Solid and semi-solid automatic line for blister packs: blister labeling (for updating of target market), packaging, IPZS stamps and cartoning. Core System- BA-100 Packager.
  • 1 Automatic patch line 210x155x25 formats: medicated plasters with possibility of front-back labeling for management of “anonymous” primary envelopes and subsequent assignment: labeling, packaging, IPZS stamps and cartoning. Core System- PG-70 Packager.
  • 3 Semi-automatic multipurpose lines: labeling, packaging, IPZS stamps and cartoning.
  • Core System- AV-65 Packager.
  • 2 Stand-alone lines: serialization, anti-tamper labels, aggregation and cartoning.
  • 1 Heat shrink-wrapping machine.
  • 3 Banding machines for belt bundling.
  • 1 Bagging machine for multi-component medical device kits.
  • 6 Stations for inspection of injectables.


Choose Falorni Pharma as your partner for secondary packaging.

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