Pharmaceutical companies undertake a delicate and challenging work, in research as well as in the actual drug production, and they rely on Falorni for packaging and serialisation activities. Every single step must be taken in compliance with strict legislation, which – albeit necessary – makes the organisation complex and costly.

With such vast activity, an external partner capable of handling the steps that follow the production of the drug is an important resource.
Provided, of course, that it can also guarantee proper working standards and full compliance with any legislation related to pharmaceutical packaging.

For nearly twenty years, Falorni has chosen secondary packaging of all forms of pharmaceuticals and psychotropic drugs as its core business and has, over time, enriched its portfolio of licences such as packaging of IMP experimental drugs, importation of sterile and non-sterile drugs, physical importation site and batch record release, all to extend the range of services offered to meet the specific needs of current clients.

Secondary packaging activities are carried out on both fully automated lines and semi-automated and manual lines, capable of handling small and large batch sizes.

Choosing Falorni for pharmaceutical packaging means optimising production processes and being able to rely on state-of-the-art technologies and facilities.

Secondary packaging

on customized and highly automated lines


on pre-packaged packs (e.g. promotional labels), bottles, tubes, blister packs and sachets

Serialisation and Aggregation

link through L4 to handle the assignment of your serial numbers on 4 packaging lines

Replenishment of display units

mono or multi-reference counter display units and free-standing display units

Packaging Kits

both for promotional purposes for marketing campaigns and for creating diagnostic kits

Specific batch selection

control of critical issues on batches of your own production, according to your specific selection

Visual Inspection

of liquid or lyophilized injectable products, in phials, flacons, and vials with overwrap

Rely on the experience and trustworthiness of a company that ensures compliance with current European and international legislation and has already been chosen as partner for pharmaceutical packaging by major companies around the world

Printing of variable data

Blister inserts




Customized Packaging

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Repackaging, Assembly

Batch release

Batch Release

Secondary packaging


Visual Inspection

Physical Importation Site